User Guide

This is the companion Website to the book, Building a Pathway to Student Learning: A How-To Guide to Course Design.

The authors recognize that course design is difficult work, and have found through experience in working with faculty that it is most effective when the process is both interactive and iterative.

To support you in the process, the authors and Stylus have created this free companion website that includes all the workboxes you will find in the text. This website not only enables you to complete each workbox but also displays a pathway for each course goal in the form of a poster, which can be downloaded as a PNG image, PDF or PowerPoint file once you complete all the boxes.

It is important to note that all workboxes must have text in them so the software works as designed.

You can name and save each iteration or new course design that you create to both the Cloud and your hard drive so you can retrieve your work at will or share it with colleagues.

As you complete the culminating workbox for each chapter, the text you enter will automatically fill in the relevant portion of your course poster.

Moreover, as you complete the culminating workbox for each chapter, the program will, where applicable, automatically fill in the corresponding column of a workbox in a subsequent chapter. This will save you time, and it will also reinforce the interrelated nature of the design process. For instance, identifying particular knowledge that students must have (in Chapter 6) leads you to identifying one or more appropriate learning experiences (in Chapter 7). If you have second thoughts about your strategy in such an instance, you will need to go back and rewrite the premise you proposed in the workbox in the preceding chapter.

The authors also recommend using the website workboxes in connection with workshops and faculty learning communities.

If you would like multiple copies of the book for use in such settings, Stylus Publishing offers discounts for quantity orders. For more information call 1-800-232-0223 FREE, or e-mail

The authors are happy to work with you and your institutional colleagues as you develop courses that deepen and strengthen student learning.

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